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Washland express

Blending noir, romance and comedy, Washland Express takes place almost entirely within an express drive-thru car wash. Two misfits take a ride through the wash together, and inside this tunnel of love, they begin to fall for each other. Washland Express becomes a strange, outlaw love story, but unlike most crime stories, it’s grounded in a female point of view. The femme fatale is the protagonist, and it becomes an unusual origin story for a twisted love, one that proves that finding your partner means finding someone who enjoys what’s wrong with you.

Starring: Jennifer Allcott & Josh Helman

Produced by: Camille Campbell, Jennifer Allcott & Kelly Bumford


Good vibes Only

Good Vibes Only was made as part of the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, and it's an absurd comedy truly made for and by women. It satirizes the wellness and self-improvement cultures that target women, taking place in a near-future where negative feelings are outlawed and the "Good Vibes Police" threaten to "Marie-Kondo" women into submission.

Starring: Megan Rosati, Moni Oyedepo & Alison McGirr

Produced by: Sharon S. Park